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The Mittalite Club | “Keeping Mittalites connected to the people and place that changed their lives forever.” When you learn, excel and succeed in life, it becomes a humane responsibility to return the blessings to the lives that follow behind you. The Mittalite Club aims to keep our graduates from all our batches connected with each other, their faculty and the institute. Remember the friendly banters in corridors, the rehearsals towards the grand finale of Aarohan, the cribbings about not being able to use mobiles on campus, the uniforms, the bunks, running off from classes and catching movies with friends, the long hours of cramming and studying just before the exams – relive your memories with your batchmates and other Mittalites, who you have lost touch with. Stay connected, inspire the current crop of ambitious young-guns with your stories of struggle and success. Be a Mittalite !    

Opposite to Bhopal Memorial Hospital
Research Centre (BMHRC), Nabibagh, Karond,
Bhopal-38 (MP). Mail at :
Landline : 0755-2735043, 0958-9477452
0958-9477491, 0755-2980081

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