Message from Head of the Institution

Dr. Malika Pal

The Mittal Institute of education is committed to carrying forward the legacy of our founder chairman Hon. Prof. N K Mittal. We believe that it We cannot always build the future for all our students, but we can build our students for the future. The purpose of education is to teach young minds to think and develop a capacity to reason out facts. Students should keep in mind the importance of planning and prioritizing their time and the effective use of it which are essential to achieve success. With experienced and dedicated teachers and excellent infrastructure MIE helps students to realize their goals in life. We encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Institute in the form of internships, on-job training, NCC, NSS & sports and involve themselves in all the extracurricular activities that are offered.

The overall development of the mind and body is a sign of healthy and complete development. Hard work, dedication, and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that lead to success. Our rigorous and intensive integrated teaching methods to prepare the students to take up teaching and other professions effortlessly and be worthy citizens of the society.

We prepare our students to preserve our heritage and environment for themselves as well as for the next generation.  Always be a soldier to defend and preserve our traditions and our environment.


The primary responsibility of the College for developing the College infrastructure lies within the Governing Body of the College, it in coordination with the IQAC makes plans and decides on strategies regarding these matters. Under its direction the College Administration allocates funds generated from students fees and other Agencies by which the necessary developmental works are done. In terms of the College Library, books are arranged in simple but systematic manner to help the user locate the books easily. In order to provide speedy and efficient service, library cards are issued to the students. Periodic up gradation of books and journals are done according to the needs of the students and faculties of various departments. The purchase of chemical & lab equipments is need based MIE has established transparent and robust procedures for the utilization and maintenance of all physical, academic and support facilities and is well communicated among all the concerned stakeholders. The detailed procedures and related policies are as follows:

A) Policy Statement:
MIE has numerous resources that are utilized for the benefit of faculty, students and staff. Resource in charges is responsible to ensure that
1. Resources are ready and made available whenever required.
2. Resources are repaired, calibrated, maintained and upgraded at optimal levels
3. The availability of the resource is made known to MIE and campus community

B) Utilization of Resources:
1) Availability of resource is verified with the concerned In Charge.
2) Permission for the utilization is taken from the respective authorities.
3) It becomes duty of the person who has generated the query to take care of the belongings.

C) Procedure for Repairs and Maintenance of Resources:
1) Every In-Charge regularly checks the resource available in their custody and verifies its working condition.
2) Accordingly report of nonworking material is communicated to the HOD.
3) HOD complies all the complaints and segregates them in urgent and annual maintenance categories.
4) The follow up of the urgent maintenance equipment or resources is taken immediately after the approval of the Principal

● Maintaining transparency in all aspects of the college’s functioning through the process of broad based consultation and improvement of the stake holders in implementation. Decentralization of administrative functions, & each body is working regularly with sincerity considering all aspects of smooth functioning of the college.
● The academic atmosphere is well maintained by observing the schedule worked out by the university. Academic & Industry experts are regularly invited to conduct workshops, hands on trainings & seminars for the benefit of students , faculty & staff.

Adoption of an institutional vision which is in line with the National Policies/ NEP. The leadership of the College of Education has visualized meeting the present, emerging and changing educational needs of the society in general. We are committed to provide world class professional education and to build and develop youth to a worthy citizens of the society. College’s vision is to grow quantitatively as well as qualitatively and bring out competent qualified teachers and other professionals striving to serve the nation.


Opposite to Bhopal Memorial Hospital
Research Centre (BMHRC), Nabibagh, Karond,
Bhopal-38 (MP). Mail at :
Landline : 0755-2735043, 0958-9477452
0958-9477491, 0755-2980081

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